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  6. Through my work I am seeking answers: How to design so that objects could be manufactured in series – reasonably – while keeping them unique? How to connect with individuals on a deeper level? And how it relates to art?

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Since 2008, after graduating with Masters of Arts, in the faculty of Applied Art and Design in the University of Arts and Design Helsinki, Mari has been working with various design and art projects through her own studio. Mari has become one of the most awarded designers of her generation.

Mari Isopahkala has been working in international projects and has exhibited Finnish art and design all over Europe, Asia and North America.

From the beginning, Mari’s design has been a combination of non-compromising artistic work and design projects by order.
Overlapping her own artistic work and corporative design projects have made it possible for Mari to remain an independent and forward-thinking creative.

A large part of Mari’s work has been enabled with grants and the trust of different foundations in Finland.

Since 2013, the main point of focus in Mari’s design has been designing her own small series of objects, developing new objects and their manufacturing, improving the understanding of the material and processing of it in addition, applying this all to her artistic work.



The Most Important Grants & Grantors

FCINY recidency of New York, 2011.

Artist grants by Arts Promotion Center Finland,
2010-11-12, 2013-15, 2020, 2021-2025.

Work and project grants by Central
Ostrobothnia Regional Fund, 2014, 2019.

Project & work grants by Finish Cultural
Foundation, 2011, 2014, 2017.

Project grant by Alfred Kordelin Foundation,

Project grant by Oskar Öflunds Stiftelse,

Project grant by Asko Foundation,

AVEK, project grant,

Project grant by The Culture Foundation
of Kalevala Jewelry, 2012.

The Most Important
- Awards

Young designer of the Year 2013 (FIN)
Nova Nordic Designer 2012 (SWE)
Form award 2011 (FIN)
Next Episode - Winner of the International
jewerly design competition 2010 (FIN)

Selection of Cooperatives

Lapponia Jewelry (FIN)
Kalevala (FIN)
Marimekko (FIN)
Iittala (FIN)
Woodnotes (FIN)
Finlayson (FIN)
Innojok (FIN)
Artek (FIN)
Lokal (FIN)
The national Museum of Finland
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland
Pino Signoretto (IT)
Murano Glass Museum (IT)
The Finnish Glass Museum
SaariahoJärvenpää (FIN)
ABC Carpets N.Y. (US)
Habitat (UK)
Finlandinstitutes (SWE)
Institut Finlandais (FRA)
Design Forum Finland
Formex Stockholm (SWE)
Monologue London (UK)
Paspas Finland (FIN)
Topi Keittiöt (FIN)
Taito Keski-Pohjanmaa (FIN)

Selected Publifications

Abitare (IT)
Domus (IT)
A Casa (IT)
Casa da Abitare (IT)
L.A. Times (US)
Washington Post (US)
Interior Design (US)
Wallpaper* (UK)
Elle Decor (BR), (JP)
Wohnreveue (CH)
Atrium (CH)
Design Magazine (CN)
Achitecture+Design (IN)
Form (SWE)
Icon (SWE)
Plaza Interiöre (SWE)
Sköna Hem (SWE)
Art & Design (FI)
Asun (FI)
Suomen kuvalehti (FI)
Hufvustadbladet (FI)
Optio (FIN)
Avotakka (FIN)
Glorian koti (FIN)
Designer’s Mind: 45 Finnish Designer’s
Design Philosophy and Attitude toward Life (KR)
Villiä vegeä – Cook book (FIN)
Itsenäisyyden ajan suomalainen KORU (FIN)
Out of the blue - The essence and ambition
of Finnish design (FIN)
Finnish Glass lives 6, 7. (FIN)
Glass etc. (FIN)
Finnish Design Yearbook 2006 (FIN)
Finnish Design Yearbook ’08-09 (FIN)
Finnish Design Yearbook 2012-13 (FIN)

For more detailed CV inquire 
mari (at) mariisopahkala . fi

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