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  2. Creative Collaboration ︎︎︎
  3. Industrial Design ︎︎︎
  4. Small Series ︎︎︎
  5. Glass Art ︎︎︎

  6. Through my work I am seeking answers: How to design so that objects could be manufactured in series – reasonably – while keeping them unique? How to connect with individuals on a deeper level? And how it relates to art?

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3. Ongoing Research of Industrial Unique Design

I enjoy designing collections and it feels natural for me. This way I can contentify the design or I can make an object stand out better with its’ individual characteritics. When I was studying I created Industrial Unique design method; an idea of something being unique – yet industrially produced – tangible in a new way. The content of the design and the values of the company can make the serial production something unique and tender. This is what I want to exam and learn together with the industry.

I want to work only with companies that create high quality and sustainable products. Cooperation works well when all partners are committed to work the same way. This way something truly new can be created. By working together the World is more humaine.

glass series for Habitat Ltd, 2009

 jewelry collection for Lapponia Jewelry, 2011

Guest Designer in Lapponia

cutlery series for Marimekko, 2013

light series for Innolux, 2019

jewelry collection for Lapponia Jewelry, 2013 

First Finnish Women Designer in Lapponia

furniture collection for Topi-Keittiöt, 2009

tableware for SOK, 2014

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