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  2. Creative Collaboration ︎︎︎
  3. Industrial Design ︎︎︎
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  5. Glass Art ︎︎︎

  6. Through my work I am seeking answers: How to design so that objects could be manufactured in series – reasonably – while keeping them unique? How to connect with individuals on a deeper level? And how it relates to art?

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2. The Art of Creative Collaboration

I highly appreciate the chance of working with colleagues. Creative collaborations are unique exhibition projects with some ordered works. What these projects have in common is the respect for craftmanship and a great desire to understand it and to cherish it.
As a result of the mechanical automation of the manufacturing process the deeper understanding of craftmanship in the process has changed. There is a risk that this delicate understanding will disappear.
To me, craftmanship means a human, present and interactive way of manufactoring with quality. The crafter, like the designer, learn from each other. We work together towards the same goal. It is pure and genuine. This inspires and touches me everytime.

Making of different types of experiments and prototypes is my type of design work. I process physical samples together with an artisan when ever I have a chance. Interaction with different kinds of craftsmen and sustaining the high quality manufacturing in Finland is a matter close to my heart.

object ensemble, 2012 

Glass objects by Mari Isopahkala.
Ceramic objects by Sami Ruotsalainen
Photographer: Chikako Harada

glass object, 2012

Glass blower: Jaakko Liikanen
Photographer: Chikako Harada

textile design for Woodnotes, 2014  

Design: Mari Isopahkala & Tanja Sipilä

carpet, 2009

Design: Mari Isopahkala, Tanja Sipilä & Kirsti Taiviola.
Photographer: Liisa Valonen

carpet & chair, 2009

Design: Mari Isopahkala, Tanja Sipilä & Kirsti Taiviola.
Photographer: Liisa Valonen

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