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  6. Through my work I am seeking answers: How to design so that objects could be manufactured in series – reasonably – while keeping them unique? How to connect with individuals on a deeper level? And how it relates to art?

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1. The Magic of Unique Work

I find the classification as a designer as something problematic for me. It is too broad and general of a concept to describe my work. On the other hand, I like the room it gives. A designer can design for a series, but also for something unique and artistic in its content.

I would like to call myself an applied art designer. It gives me the right kind of title for my artistic thinking and enables creating content already before tangible, physical design. Things happen in this order in my case: The visual form is the last dimension that calls to interact with the object.

Individuality, uniqueness – personal and delicately chosen details are the spice and passion of my work. They are the things I want to immerse myself in. Applied art is my true calling. I find that I am privilegded, when I can work for it – diversely and unconditionally.

Creativity is my most important recource, I cherish it in every way. Without it I could not work genuenly, and for that I am constantly making choices between the project that I should do and bring forward and the ones I should let go.

There are so many things happening that an individual can not affect on. But through my work I can do so, and I can do it with dignity. I hope that in the long run it would be something meaningfull for many others.

 electroformed copper, silver, 2024

Goldsmith: Mika Paasonen
Photographer: Chikako Harada

jewelry collection, 2010

Goldsmith: Sanna Silgren
Photographer: Chikako Harada

The idea for the jewelry competition struck me instantly.
Nature is in Lapponia’s brand core
– for me the drops are the nature’s purest form.

light, 2011

Photographer: Chikako Harada

sculptural light series, 2013

Cabinet maker: Jari-Pekka Vilkman
Photographer: Chikako Harada

sculptural light series, 2013

Cabinet maker: Jari-Pekka Vilkman
Photographer: Chikako Harada

sculpture, 2015

Photographer: Chikako Harada

light, 2008

Glass blower: Jaakko Liikanen
Photographer: Anna Hämäläinen

carpet, 2009

Photographer: Liisa Valonen

hammock, 2005

Photographer: Chikako Harada

cutleries, 2005

Photographer: Chikako Harada

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