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  5. Glass Art ︎︎︎

  6. Through my work I am seeking answers: How to design so that objects could be manufactured in series – reasonably – while keeping them unique? How to connect with individuals on a deeper level? And how it relates to art?

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5. Design as Art

I have found glass to be something fascinating. I don’t blow glass myself, but for some reason, I feel like I belong in the hot workshop.  

Clear glass is something that I like in particular. It is immaterial yet very optic. Through glass, one can look through to new views of one’s own perspectives. Glass, as material, and the shape it forms, is equally unique to everyone.

I am fascinated by the whole process of creating a glass object. How the artistic ambition is led to interact with the opportunities of the fine art of glassblowing, and how everything turns out in practise. Alongside working with the glassblowers, I truly enjoy designing the molds. By creating a mold I can put my fingerprint on glass.

The production of a glass piece often requires participation of many skilled artisans already before stepping into a hot workshop. Glassblowers are – along with so many others in the process – artisans. Inspite of the long traditions, countries and workshops have their own culture. The intricacies of all these unique opportunities engage me.

triptych, 2012

Master glass blower: Pino Signoretto in Murano, Venice
Photographer: Chikako Harada

I created these pieces with Maestro Mr. Pino Signoretto in Murano.
He had a holistic view of glass which made him on of the talentest master in the era.

unique series, 2022

Master glass blower: Jaakko Liikanen, Nuutajärvi, Finland
Photographer: Anna Oksanen

sculpture, 2017

Glass blower: Alma Jantunen
Photographer: Chikako Harada

series, 2015

Glass blower: New Murano Gallery
Photographer: Francesco Allegretto

sculpture, 2017

Glass blower: Alma Jantunen

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Copyright © 2022 MMari Isopahkala