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  6. Through my work I am seeking answers: How to design so that objects could be manufactured in series – reasonably – while keeping them unique? How to connect with individuals on a deeper level? And how it relates to art?

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My artistic inspiration

My artistic starting point is nature, its details in macro scale interest me especially. To me, nature represents gentle power. It finds its way.
In my opinion, Finnish designers often find their inspiration from nature, because it's so close to us and always present. The changes of the distinct four seasons and the sparsely inhabited sceneries make it easy to follow nature. A plant withers away and dies. Winter comes with its nothingness. From this emptiness grows a new beginning. Instead of having constant greenery and urban surroundings around us we have an extreme season of growth, space and natural light. Seasons give room for our minds to work. There are pauses in the visuality around us. Something new can be born.

The Abstraction of Design 

I design multidimensionally. For example, I study what the user feels when touching the object. This makes my design become a mirror to the user.

At their best, along with their necessity, my objects bring immaterial value to their users. This engages inner force of the user. This is precious for humankind in the long run. 

Logical and practical thinking are part of the basic professional skills of a designer. I immerse myself with my work mentally, and this is why it is important who I work with and how. I am an emotianal designer. This is how I can make my design reach deeper and with more power. Designing is humain and sensitive thinking to me. 

When I design I think about life of a human; its’ evolution and history. What is primary for us? How I can support humanity with my work? How art and design are connected with this? 

In my own applied art design I put an emphasis on art. Through art I can create meanings that are impossible to express in other ways. This is exploration of an unknown.

My design is multisensory. In practise, it is me being hypersensitive in haptic understanding – having a vision when choosing the materials, technical production, details and proportions. It’s important to me how the object feels in my hands. What’s the weight of it? Temperature? How does it feel to touch the soft arch of the wood? What other feelings it awakes to use, look or touch the object? You can experience the visuality only in one point of view through your eyes. Only with all your senses the object is whole.

When I design I feel great gratitude, but also responsibility. I think a lot and I try to give room for designing. Objects that have been designed in high quality and with care, take time, but this is the only way they become timeless.

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